Celler de Capçanes

Llaberia, 4 | Capçanes
977 178 319

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Production (bottles): 

Advance booking required at least 2 days in advance 

From Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon and Saturdays and Sundays in the morning

Open also during the harvest (Sept./Oct.)   

1/1 / 6/1 / Easter Monday / 25-26/12


Tasting of 3 wines: you will taste a young wine, a half-aged wine and a crianza wine. Price per person: 5€ 

"4 Grenaches, 4 Soils" tasting: you will taste 4 wines of Garnacha that has grown in the 4 different types of soil of Montsant ( sand, clay, limestone and slate) and you  could appreciate how the wines change depending on the soil of origin. Price per person: 10€ 

Kosher tasting: you will taste 2 of our kosher wines, a young rosé and a crianza, the Peraj Ha'abib, the wine that marked our history. Price per person: 10€  ( min. 4 people) 

Premium tasting: it is the recommended wine tasting for the gourmets, as you could try our best 3 wines coming from old singular vines. Price per person: 20€  ( min. 6 people) 


For other optons of visit, see the adjunct documents 

Visit price: 
Visit duration: 

1'30 h

1-50 pax

2 min. / 50 max. 

Visit languages: 

Catalan / Spanish / English / French 

Wineyard visit: 

Supplement: +5€

Duration: 2 h 


A varying selection of 3 wines depending on the day:

Mas Donís rosat o Mas Picosa (young red)
Lasendal o Mas Collet (aged reds)
Vall del Calàs o Costers del Gravet (aged reds)

Farm shop opening times:

Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 1.30pm and 3pm to 6pm

From 25/6-25/8:

Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 2pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm
Sunday and public holidays: 11am to 2pm

1/1 / 6/1 / Easter Monday / 25-26/12


The winery of Capçanes breaks the mold. In a small village of only 400 people, surrounded by ancient vines, this cooperative is proud of its Catholic tradition, now working harmoniously with the Jewish community. Since 1995 Flor de Primavera, one of the best kosher wines in the world, has been made here under the strict supervision of a Rabi – a complete experience bringing together the mystery of Jewish culture and a unique wine within the walls of the cellar every year. The characteristics of the land, severe but rewarding, are said to be similar to those of its inhabitants who work valiently to show how wines are made in Capçanes: with enthusiasm.