Puig Roig del Roget (Archaeological Remains)

Puig Roig is an archaelogical site which is within the municipal boundaries of the village of El Masroig. This historically important site is hidden in woodland and is perched on the top of a small hill with views over the Siurana river and Montsant mountain range.

The site dates back to the ninth and eighth centuries B.C. and is one of the best preserved sites in Catalonia.

Signed boards help the visitor to understand the constructions and the people who once inhabited this settlement, who belonged to the culture of the "Urnfield Culture".

This site is accessed by a metalled road which leads from the village of El Masroig and goes to the Hermitage of Les Pinyeres and ther river Siurana. After the hermitage, the road starts to wind down the hill, and on a severe left hand bend there is a dirt track leading off to the right. The track is marked with a dark green signpost. Follow this track until it ends and here you can leave the car in a field. Walk for a few metres into the wood until you come to some red sandstone boulders which protect the entrance to the settlement.  

We recommend you to go on foot (1.8 km) or in a 4 wheel-drive car.


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