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Porrera lies in the east of the Priorat, a few kilometres from the Coll de la Teixeta. Its municipal area runs down the valley of the river Cortiella, from the Molló hills bordering on the Baix Camp, where the Garranxa stream is born, a tributary of the Cortiella, which in turn runs into the river Siurana. The village stands on the right bank of the river Cortiella.

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It can be reached by road from Falset on the T-740; from Reus on the N-420 to the Coll de la Teixeta, then the TP-7041; from Cornudella de Montsant on the C-242 to La Venta d’en Pubill and then the TP-7402 to Porrera.


It has a sports ground, football pitch, social centre, swimming pool, wine shop, 6 holiday cottages (two of them a few kilometres from the village), a hotel and three restaurants.


Saint Anthony's day on 17th January is celebrated by going to the chapel dedicated to the saint, above the village, and blessing the livestock. There used to be a race back to the village, though only the boldest took part as the slope down from the chapel is steep.

On 2nd February people buy the typical "rotllo", a sweet delicacy to be eaten on Saint Blaise's day.

The main village festivity is held at the nearest weekend to 6th May, in honour of Saint John the Evangelist, popularly known as “La Cirereta”.

The second weekend in November sees the autumn festivities, with a "trencada d’olles" where children smash pots filled with presents, and distribution of cakes to the village children.

Places to visit: 

Porrera has numerous places of interest. The chapel of Sant Antoni Abad (St. Anthony the Abbot), built in the 17th century, stands atop a hill and has a single nave with a bell gable. Also worth a visit is the 18th-century chapel of Sant Joan Evangelista (St. John the Evangelist).

Porrera has a large number of sundials spread throughout the village and its surrounding area, most of them dating from the 19th century, a time when the place was at its peak because of the successful wine trade. The most outstanding of these are the sloping vertical sundial known as the Rellotge de Tarda or Afternoon Clock and the large sloping vertical specimen on the Carrer Pau Casals.


Ajuntament de Porrera 
Plaça de la Constitució, 1
CP: 43739
tel.: (+34) 977 828 003
fax: (+34) 977 828 003
c/e: aj.porrera@altanet.org


DL – DV: 11 – 13 h

DM i DJ: 15 – 17 h

DX: 18 – 20 h

Juliol i Agost:

DL – DV: 11 – 13 h


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