Priorat County Tourist Information Office

Plaça de la Quartera, 1 (Consell Comarcal del Priorat) - Falset
977 831 023
977 830 564

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The Priorat Tourist Office is based in the former stately home of Counts of Azara in the region's capital, Falset, nowadays the Priorat County Council headquaters.

Tourist information given includes monument opening times, places of interest, hiking routes, wine routes, accommodation and restaurants, leisure activities and companies which offer tourist services. The tourist office staff are always happy to help you to set up an itinerary so you can enjoy this beautiful region to the full.

The Priorat County Tourist Office also offers non-tourism based information such as public and private transport information, etc...

The office also sells posters, postcards and books related to the region. Visitors can also consult the regional events calendar.

Opening Times

From Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm
Sunday and public holidays from 11am to 2pm


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