Celler Vermunver

de Dalt, 29
977 178 288
686 143 240
Production (bottles): 

Same-day booking

Monday to Sunday and public holidays: 10am to 8pm

Open also during the harvest (Sept./Oct.)

1/1/ 1/5/ 24/6 / 15/8 / 11/9 / 25-26/12/ 31/12 

Visit price: 
Visit duration: 

1 h 30 min. 

1-15 pax

2 min. / 15 max.

Visit languages: 

Catalan / Spanish
English (advance booking required at least two days in advance)

Wineyard visit: 



El Vinum Domi (young red)
Gènesi Selecció (aged red)

Celler Vermunver is a small, family-run company situated in the village of Marçà. It is part of the D.O. Montsant.

Some members of the Vernet-Muntané family make up the company. Roger Vernet Muntané deserves a special mention because he is the oenologist (winemaker).

The cellar is located beneath an historic building in the village, a construction that dates from the end of the 19th C. Our plan is to marry tradition and quality, creating a hand-crafted product without leaving aside new technologies and the advances that these have brought.

Because we are speaking of a small quantity of wine, we are able to maintain personal control of all the elements within the production process; closely following the progress of the vine during its entire growth cycle, then during the harvest when the grapes are brought to the cellar, until the final process of bottling the wine.