Dry stone routes

The dry stone shelters and little terraces tell of the farmers who have left their mark on the region’s land.
All along the ancient bridleway running from El Masroig to Falset, walkers can enjoy magnificent examples of these shelters such as the ones known as Barraca del Jaume el Xalet or Barraques del Joan de Cal Quimet, Barraca de Cal Josepó or Barraca del Coll de la Falsetana.

The municipal district of Capçanes, which belongs to the Priorat region, is located in one of the two areas which are richest in dry-stone constructions in Priorat (the other one is the area of Montsant river and the mountains surrounding it). In the area of Les Taules, situated to the East of the village centre, a wide variety of elements made of dry stone congregate in quite a limited space. 

This trail takes you through olive and almond groves with wonderful examples of dry stone walls which once were used as part of the traditional farming methods and are now abandoned. There are still parts of the ancient cobbles on this former way.

This route is sponsored by the rural house Cal Porxo in Pradell de la Teixeta