Serra de Montsant and Siurana Natural Park

This is a very easy route, apt for all walkers and ideal for children. It takes us to one of the most emblematic and fascinating corners of the Montsant mountain range and Priorat region.

This route is sponsored by the inn and restaurant Fonda Toldrà in Ulldemolins

This is a medium-length route, apt for all walkers and is especially known for its spectacular views, high cliffs and medieval paths.

This route is sponsored by the hotel and restaurant La Siuranella in Siurana. 

The Carthusian monastery of Escaladei is set amidst the extremely beautiful Montsant mountain range with its spectacular craggy outcrops. The monastery’s surroundings form part of the Montsant Natural Park and are highly suited for excursions to discover more about our natural and cultural heritage

A trail on the easternmost side of the Serra de Montsant, which enables the walker to get to know the different characteristics of the two sides of the mountain range easily in a single trip.

A trail through the western gullies of the Serra de Montsant, those that have been most shaped by human activity in the not too distant past. Recommended for those who want to enjoy historical and cultural heritage within a beautiful natural area.

A route over the flat areas and slopes of the shady side of the shoulder on which the village is perched.

A route on the sunny hillsides on the lower slopes of the Montsant massif. Beneath the towering cliffs that loom over the stream bed coming down from the Pregona spring, material resulting from erosion has built up.

Route in the area known as Les Obagues, at the foot of the cliffs of the same name that overlooks the whole area where the plain around Ulldemolins meets the Montsant massif.

A route on slate hillsides, punctuated with red sandstone and limestone, beneath the cliffs of Els Montalts. This is a hot, dry place in summer, with soils that allow rainfall to drain away quickly and make life very hard for plants.

Flora route: Scrub at Els Rogerets

A trail from the slatey environment characteristic of the lower part of El Priorat region to the first limestone cliffs: Els Montalts.