Serra de Llaberia

This route will take you to an old way, the cattle track of Les Taules, constructed for the livestock that where driven on their way to the village. The walls that delimited it can still be seen now. You can enjoy spectacular views from here on clear days. 

The municipal district of Capçanes, which belongs to the Priorat region, is located in one of the two areas which are richest in dry-stone constructions in Priorat (the other one is the area of Montsant river and the mountains surrounding it). In the area of Les Taules, situated to the East of the village centre, a wide variety of elements made of dry stone congregate in quite a limited space. 

The route starts in Capçanes (Comarca del Priorat) and will take you from the cool valleys to the peaks of Serra de Llaberia, where you will enjoy splendid views over a vast land, following the path of the guerilla fighter Carrasclet and other ancestral paths. 

pel Camí de Massanes, pels Revolts i pel Portell de Llaberia

This is a demanding route, aimed at experienced walkers. The consortium which manages the nature reserve of Mola de Colldejou and Serra de Llaberia have re-opened several traditional paths and regularly organise guided walks and activities to get to know the area. 

This route is sponsored by the rural house L'Era in la Torre de Fontaubella