Priorat Olive Growers Association

A group of olive oil producing co-operatives decided to create the Priorat Olive Growers Association in 2002. (AOP). The association is aimed at improving the quality of the raw product, the production process and the distribution and sales of Priorat olive oil.

The Priorat Olive Growers Association is currently made up of eight member co-operatives with a total of 1,290 growers. The total surface area cultivated is 1,290 hectares (3,188 acres) covering a total of 16 villages and eight oil mills. The members pick and mill 3,3 million kilos of olives every year and make 698,331kg of high quality extra virgin olive oil. 95% of total production is of the Arbequine olive variety and the rest is made up of Rojal, Morrut and Sevillenca olive varieties. Most of the member co-operatives are registered as being part of the "Denominació d’Origen Protegida “Siurana”" or Protected Designation of Origin Siurana.

In 2006, the AOP created an exclusive olive oil known as "Oleum Priorat" which is a blend of the most representative oils from the member co-operatives.  In 2007, the AOP brought out two more olive oils known as: “Oleum Priorat Elixir” and “Oleum Priorat Vitae”. ’“Oleum Priorat Elixir” is the former "Oleum Priorat" whereas  “Oleum Priorat Vitae” is a new product which is mirrored by all the other olive oils of the Priorat which are sweet and fruity.
Both of these olive oils are "extra virgin" oils.

The AOP member co-operatives have regularly been awarded prizes on a national and international level as too has the association itself:  Award for Technological Agricultural Innovation (Agro-industrial category) of the Agricultural Department (DAR),  Fòrum i Fira ModernALTrade Fair Award and first place at Innofòrum Gust, amongst others.