Ametlles i llorer

Hearty stews served steaming hot, made with rabbit, snails, tasty sauces, wild mushrooms and even local mushrooms from the Montsant mountain range. Pure concentrated stock from this little land of omelettes in their own sauce, salt cod and tunafish. Romesco sauces made using local hazelnuts and olive oil. Soups, broths and stews using ingredients from well-stocked larders. All this accompanied always with great wines, intense and strong.

Our sweet dishes, a symbol of hospitality and a warm welcome, thought up to make us proud of our southern Catalan heritage. Influences from other villages, from the Romans, from the Moors: Orellons (sweet pastries), Coques or Trossets (sweet cake breads), with hints of  winter savoury, of anis and coriander, passed on from generation to generation. Quick sponge cakes, "membrillo" or quince slabs, fig cake all wrapped up in Mediterranean traditions. Almonds can be found in many desserts: "tornos", "panellets", "barretets" , "garrapinyades"... And to finish off, try a sip of our old wines ("vins rancis") similar to Andalucian dry sherries. All of this and more  to be enjoyed in this little land of delights.

Prologue by Mariona Cuadrada taken from the cookbook "Priorat a taula" by Minerva Pi Arbonès

The gastronomic choice in the Priorat is very varied. The region is home to traditional restaurants, but also to modern cuisine which promote the culture of quality wines and olive oils.