Ametlles i llorer

Hearty stews served steaming hot, made with rabbit, snails, tasty sauces, wild mushrooms and even local mushrooms from the Montsant mountain range. Pure concentrated stock from this little land of omelettes in their own sauce, salt cod and tunafish. Romesco sauces made using local hazelnuts and olive oil. Soups, broths and stews using ingredients from well-stocked larders. All this accompanied always with great wines, intense and strong. 

L'encamisada de Falset

There are plenty of very varied festivals in the Priorat. "Fiestas Mayores", processions, cultural meetings.... Many of the "Fiestas Mayores" take place over the Summer months of July and August which include traditional music and dancing and activities for Children.

In this section you can find some of the craftsmen and women who work in the Priorat.

Ripo-difusor Celler el Masroig

There are also a variety of artistic activities in the Priorat, organised by associations and groups that run activities all over the area throughout the year.

Esglèsia romànica de Siurana

The Priorat can take you back in time to the days when the Moors ocupied the lands around Siurana. Take time to visit the beautiful site of Siurana and you will discover the legend of the Moorish Queen's Last Leap.