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Tasques de recuperació

Most of the ancient paths had fallen into disuse and vegetation had covered them. Some had also suffered landslides and were covered with rocks in some places. Fallen trees and branches had also obstructed the paths. Sometimes farm track had been built and had cut the paths in half, making it difficult to repair. The first thing to be done in these cases is clear the whole of the path to make it accessible from start to finish.

This is what the Priorat Tourist Board has done to repair and re-open these paths:-

  • Clearing of vegetation with strimmers: cutting of branches and tree trunks which block the path; sawing and disposal of bushes and other vegetation growing on the path. 
  • De-stoning: removal of rocks and stones which obstruct the path due to their size.  
  • Levelling of the path and reconstruction of the levels which had collapsed.  
  • Clearing of  landslides.


At the moment, the repaired and cleared paths are the following:



  • Ancient path from Falset to Gratallops.
  • PR C-53 (short route) between Falset and La Torre de Fontaubella.  
  • Bassetes path in the village of  El Lloar.
  •  Auberadors  path in the village of  Pradell de la Teixeta.
  • Grau de la Figuera path from la Vilella Baixa to La Figuera.
  • Cavaloca bridge path near the village of Cabacés.
  • Various paths in the Llaberia mountain range.
  • Ancient path from Margalef to Sant Salvador hermitage.
  • Various paths in the Montsant mountain range.