The Priorat county or region is to be found to the south of Catalonia in the Tarragona province.

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Plaça de la Quartera, 1 - Consell Comarcal del Priorat | Falset | 43730 | Tel. 977 831 023

Places of Interest


Castell del Vi

An exhibition space, centred on Priorat County and its wines.
This centre is based in the former Castle of the Counts of Prades of Falset, built in the 12th century after the Christian re-conquest of New Catalonia... [read more]
Bellmunt del Priorat

Bellmunt del Priorat Lead Mine and Museum

A visit to the Eugènia mine at Bellmunt will take you down to the heart of the Earth, whilst explaining the day to day life of the miners of the town. Life in this little village was very different from the usual activity of the other villages of the Priorat. [read more]
La Morera de Montsant

Cartoixa d'Escaladei (Carthusian Monastery of Santa Maria d'Escaladei)

Wander around this monastery founded by French monks from Provence, who established here the first charter-house on the Iberian peninsular.
[read more]

Siurana Historical Site and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Upon arriving at Siurana you will discover a small fairytale village that has a deep-rooted memory of endless sieges and improbable conquests. Perched on a rock in the river, Siurana was thought to be impregnable, above a reservoir of the same name.
[read more]

Siurana reservoir

Siurana reservoir, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, is surrounded by the Montsant and Prades mountain ranges. It is fed by the Siurana river which is one of the main affluents of the Ebro river.   [read more]
Cornudella de Montsant

El Montsant

The Montsant Mountain Range symbolises the Priorat and the Tarragona region. It is not one of the highest mountains, neither is it the one that stretches the furthest, and yet, the strength of its geography is unquestionable. This mountain range is compact, encircled in a great part by sheer cliffs and rocky areas formed during the Oligocene epoch.
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La serra de Llaberia i la mola de Colldejou

More than mere mountains, the Llaberia and Colldejou mountain ranges are fortresses; castles constricted by their steep cliffs, walls of limestone rock which the evening light paints the colour of honey. They spread out beyond the Priorat boundaries into the Baix Camp and Ribera d’Ebre regions.
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Centre d'Interpretació i reproducció de la tortuga mediterrània

The visitor’s centre for the interpretation and reproduction of the Hermann tortoise and the Marçà Aroma Park is a magnificent natural setting for observing how examples of this species have been protected. Visitors are also invited to delve into a world of aromas based on aromatic, medicinal and culinary herbs.
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Marçaginé-Lula Pérez Sculpture Museum

This museum houses sculptures and other works by local artist, Marcelí Giné and also that of his wife, Lula Pérez. Marçaginé's work is original and can at times be a little disturbing. [read more]
El Masroig

Ermita de Les Pinyeres

Aquesta ermita, reconstruïda al s.XVIII, va ser originalment l'església del desapargut poble de les Pinyeres. Es troba en una talaia sobre el riu Siurana des d'on es pot contemplar un paisatge impressionant, amb la Serra de Montsant com a rerafons i els pobles de La Morera, Gratallops i la seva ermita de la Consolació, el Lloar i el Molar. [read more]
El Masroig

Puig Roig del Roget (Archaeological Remains)

Puig Roig is an archaelogical site (9th-7th century BC)  which is within the municipal boundaries of the village of El Masroig. This historically important site is hidden in woodland and is perched on the top of a small hill with views over the Siurana river and Montsant mountain range. [read more]
La Figuera

El balcó del Priorat del coll d’en Solans (The Balcony of the Priorat viewed from the Solans Pass)

The village of La Figuera lies at an altitude of 575 m, giving it incredible views over the surround Priorat county.   [read more]
La Figuera

Observatory of Mola de Sant Pau (Battle of the Ebro)

One of the best places to understand the immensity of the Priorat landscape is the Sant Pau (Saint Paul) hermitage. This hermitage is to be found one and a half km. north-east of the village of La Figuera. [read more]

Mare de Déu de la Consolació (Consolació Hermitage)

This hermitage is perched on a hill of "Llicorella" (Slate) soil on the outskirts of Gratallops. This spot affords fantastic views over the the heart of the Priorat county and Montsant mountain range. [read more]

Sant Gregori Hermitage

Sant Gregori (Saint Gregory's) can be found one and a half km from Falset in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The hermitage which venerates Saint Anthony, has been built within a great red sandstone cave. It is a mysterious and fascinating place which seems to have been sculpted out of the rock by the wind.  [read more]

Congost de Fra Guerau (Fra Guerau Gorge)

This beauty spot which the Montsant river has carved out of the Llena and Montsant mountain ranges, is one of the most emblematic of the Montsant Natural Park.   [read more]

Miquel Montagud Museum in Cabacés

Miquel Montagud Municipal Museum is a collection of works taken from the former private museum, known as "The Eco of El Greco". It is made up of reproductions of El Greco's works which were carried out by Miquel Montagud Borja (1897-1984). [read more]

Old Bridge of Cabaces

Bridge of mediaeval origin spanning the Montsant river (14th century) built with square blocks on bare rock. Span 38m, 6m high and 3m wide. Stonemasons’ marks are visible. [read more]
La Bisbal de Falset

Santa Llúcia Cave

This immense cave made out of conglomerate rock can be found a few kilometres from the village of La Bisbal de Falset on the road to La Palma d'Ebre. [read more]

The Porrera Sundial Route

A walking route around the village of Porrera following the fourteen beautiful sundials dating from the 19th century. These pictorial dundials were made at a time when the region was enjoying an economic boom.

[read more]
Els Guiamets

Embassament dels Guiamets

L'Embassament dels Guiamets, que es troba a la part sud de la comarca del Priorat, rep les aigües de la riera de Capçanes. És un lloc ideal per gaudir de la natura on s'hi pot observar una gran varietat d'aus com ara el bernat-pescaire, el martinet, el corb-marí o l'ànec de coll verd. [read more]
El Molar

Poblat prehistòric del Calvari

El Calvari is an archaelogical site (7th-6th century BC)  which is within the municipal boundaries of the village of El Molar. This historically important site is hidden in woodland and is perched on the top of a small hill.  [read more]


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  • Olive oil route
    The Olive oil of the Priorat is a superb oil. We would like to invite you to get to know how it is made, its characteristics and the various oil mills or presses which make up the Olive oil Route. In total we have six mills which are members of the route where visitors can try our very best extra virgin olive oil.

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  • Winery Tours

    Priorat County wineries open their doors....

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