The Priorat county or region is to be found to the south of Catalonia in the Tarragona province.

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Festivals and Fairs

Festivals and Events

There are plenty of festivals and events taking place throughout the year in the Priorat: "Fiestas Mayores", religious processions, traditional dancing... Most festivals take place during the summer months in July and August mainly. These "fiestas" tend to include dancing, traditional dances called "Sardanes" and activities and games for children.

It is worth mentioning a special day which comes at the end of a Fiesta Mayor, which is the "Day of the Lazy". It is a day where there are games for children based on popular culture and folklore.

Religious processions and gatherings often take place in the village hermitage which are scattered around the countryside, usually in places of outstanding natural beauty. If you are interested in the more important events of the Priorat festival calendar, there are four main dates worth remembering:

- Nearest weekend to Saint Anthony's Day,  17th January: "L’Encamisada" in Falset
- Second Sunday in March: Festival of the Omelette in its own sauce in Ulldemolins. 
- First weekend of May: Wine Fair in Falset
- Second or third Saturday of September: Old Fashioned Grape Harvest Festival in Poboleda
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Priorat Wine Fair in Falset

The Priorat county celebrates its annual Wine Fair the first weekend of May. It is dedicated to the two wine appellations of the county, the DOC Priorat and the DO Montsant.

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The Festival of the "Encamisada" is celebrated in Falset the weekend closest to Saint Anthony's Day, 17th January. It is linked to a popular legend which dates back to the 18th century when the men of the village took part in an "encamisada" against the invading French. An "encamisada" is a rapid attack at night to catch the enemy unawares and as camouflage, they were dressed only in their shirt-sleeves ("camisa" means shirt in Catalan). [read more]

Poboleda Old Fashioned Harvest Festival

The second Saturday of September Poboleda celebrates a festival based on old fashioned harvesting techniques. [read more]

Ulldemolins Omelette in its own Sauce Festival

The village of Ulldemolins celebrates its famous Omelette in its own Sauce festival, based on a local Priorat dish. [read more]

Festes Majors

La majoria de les festes majors tenen lloc als mesos d’estiu, juliol i agost, principalment. Festes que solen incloure ball, sardanes i actes per a la mainada. Cal destacar-hi una jornada especial que té lloc en molts pobles, el “dia dels dropos”, últim dia de la festa major, on solen dur-se a  terme les “cucanyes”, jocs per a la canalla, d’arrel popular.

També són molt típics els aplecs a les ermites, molt nombroses a la comarca i situades en indrets de gran bellesa. 

Així com també al llarg de l’any se succeixen les fires i mostres de vi per diversos pobles de la comarca. Ocasions on poder conèixer els vins de la vila, sovint acompanyats de música en directe, degustacions gastronòmiques, exposicions...

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Fires i mostres de vins del Priorat

 Al llarg de l’any se succeixen les fires i mostres de vi per diversos pobles de la comarca. Ocasions on poder conèixer els vins de la vila, sovint acompanyats de música en directe, degustacions gastronòmiques, exposicions...

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Jornada gastronòmica i Mercat d'artesania de Cornudella de Montsant

Coincidint amb la segona Pasqua, Cornudella de Montsant celebra una jornada gastronòmica on la Colla de Paellers de la vila cuinen dos plats típics de la vila: l'arròs amb conill i els caragols dolços i coents. També es duu a terme una mostra de vins de la població, un mercat d'artesania i una mostra de plats elaborats pels restaurants del poble.

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  • Olive oil route
    The Olive oil of the Priorat is a superb oil. We would like to invite you to get to know how it is made, its characteristics and the various oil mills or presses which make up the Olive oil Route. In total we have six mills which are members of the route where visitors can try our very best extra virgin olive oil.

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  • Winery Tours

    Priorat County wineries open their doors....

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