Instandsetzung von Wegen

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Priorat County Council is developing tourism in the region within a three-year plan (known as "Pla de Foment") 2006-09. A great effort is being made to promote active tourism and hiking in the region. The council has recently cleared several ancient paths to create a clear network of historic paths for visitors to discover the Priorat on foot.

The Priorat County Paths Network aims to clear and sign some of the ancient pack-horse trails of the Priorat region and open  them up for hikers to use. The project is based on three factors:-

1) To recover the cultural heritage which these paths represent, especially the dry stone supports and structures to be found along the paths.

2) To create tourist resources at a local level, capable of attracting an important influx of visitors.

3) To ensure good access to the natural environment and at the same time regulate and coordinate uses of certain areas which are susceptible to elevated numbers of visitors.